General Questions
AviPack-specific Questions
AviVest-specific Questions

General Questions:

How do I use it?
It is simple. Just pull the ripcord with either hand. It is located on the right shoulder strap. Approx. 10lbs of force is required to activate the inflation. The bladder will immediately begin to deploy & inflate.

Can I travel with it?
At this time, the pressurized air cylinder is considered hazardous goods material and travel is restricted. Please see the Shipping/Travelling section.

If I am caught in an avalanche, when do I pull the ripcord?
Always try to escape being caught in an avalanche first. If you think that you cannot escape an avalanche, pull the ripcord immediately. Avalanches can pick up speed very quickly so is important to act fast. The airbag will deploy behind your head & back, so it won't interfere with your vision or your ability to ski in case you still have a chance at escaping.

Can I use it more than once? Is there an expiration date?
The airbag can be inflated multiple times as long as it has never been damaged. We recommend replacing the airbag every five years. If the airbag has been used in an avalanche, or it has been damaged, it must be replaced.

Do I still need a beacon, shovel, and probe?
Yes. Absolutely. A WARY device should be considered part of the four essential tools for avalanche rescue. The pack/vest, shovel, probe, and beacon all serve different purposes. The WARY device will not protect you in every type of avalanche. It is important to be prepared for everything.

How do I refill the cylinder?
Currently there are two options to refill the air cylinder. Please see the Cylinder refilling section. 1) By your local AviPack representative. 2) Refill it yourself. An included refill kit is included with the WARY device - good for 10 refills. See the user manual for instructions.

What if I accidentally deploy the airbag?
The WARY device has a zippered safety lock that is designed to protect the ripcord handle from being accidentally pulled. The ripcord handle should be stored in the lock position until you are in or near avalanche terrain. If the airbag deploys when it is not needed, no problem. There is a relief valve built into the Venturi valve located on the airbag itself. Lift the tab on the Venturi and depress the valve with your finger. While keeping the valve pressed down, squeeze the air out of the bag. Fold the airbag into its original fold pattern, and tuck the folded bag back into airbag pocket and reset the burst zipper. The air cylinder will need to be refilled again and the activator will need to be reset in order to be functional.

Can I heliski with it?
The WARY device is perfect for heliskiing. In North America, federal regulations prohibit the pressurized gas cylinder from being carried inside an aircraft. However, most helicopter companies and helicopter ski companies allow the AviPack to be carried in the ski basket on the outside of an aircraft.

Do I need to keep the buckles tight on the WARY device?
The WARY device acts like a harness when it is pulled taught. If a pulling force is applied to the airbag, like the force of an avalanche, the device will tend to put pressure underneath the arms. By keeping the waist belt tight, force is distributed evenly around the torso.

Can I take the airbag off of the WARY device?
The Airbag is removable, however we strongly recommend keeping the airbag system and pack attached at all times. Specific tools will be required to remove the airbag system - See the user manual for instructions. The air cylinder, which is the majority of the weight, is easily removed from its sleeve to be refilled.

How fast does the airbag inflate?
The airbag will inflate in less than 4 seconds. Unlike an automobile airbag, which deploys in milliseconds, the WARY device has a consistent and gentle inflation rate.

How does the safety for the ripcord handle work?
During travel and when the airbag needs to be securely stored, the ripcord handle can be pushed back into its zippered pocket.

AviPack-specific Questions:

What else can I carry with it?
The AviPack is big enough to carry all of the essentials. Custom pockets are designed to carry your shovel and probe, an extra layer, water, goggles, camera, and other personal items.

How much does the AviPack adjust for different sizes?
Currently the AviPack comes in 1 back length. The torso length of the harness is 19" and can accommodate users ranging in height from 5'4" to 6'4".

AviVest-specific Questions:

What else can I carry with it?
The AviVest is big enough to carry all of the essentials. Pockets surround the vest to help distribute weight. Custom pockets are designed to carry your shovel and probe, an extra layer, water, goggles, camera, and other personal items.

How much does the AviVest adjust for different sizes?
The AviVest comes in 2 sizes, medium/large, and X-large/XX-large. There are adjustable side panels that allow aprrox 6 inches of adjustment. Please see the Color and Sizing sections for the AviVest for fit information.

Is the AviVest designed to be worn on the outside of clothing? Can I also wear a backpack?
The AviVest must be worn on the outside of your jacket so that the airbag can deploy without any interference. A backpack cannot be worn with the AviVest because the airbag deploys from behind your shoulders.