Pee Exams

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Urinate As Many Times As Possible

While this may seem obvious to some, others may forget this in the panic that comes from having to pass a drug test. The more times you urinate before you give your sample, the more drugs being removed from your body. Even on the day of the test you want to make sure that you go once before you give your sample at the very least. This is because overnight the body works hard to heal and remove toxins, so there will be a lot of toxins in your urine until you go for the first time.

Try to urinate more than once before you give your sample to make sure all the toxins from overnight are gone. If you can’t do this, figure out what the best synthetic urine is. It is recommended that you urinate at least three times to make sure all metabolites have been removed, however, if your test is in the morning make sure you do not pee for the first time that day during the test or it could come up positive.

Test Yourself

There are plenty of inexpensive at home tests you can buy at any drugstore or pharmacy to test yourself with. Doing this will give you a good benchmark as to where you’re at. If you can’t pass a home test, there is no way you will be able to pass a professional one, so you know you need to work harder to remove it from your system in time. If you can pass a home test, then you are likely on a good track to pass, so just keep doing what you have been until the day of the real test. Keep in mind that while they are a good indicator of if you will pass or not, professional tests looked at in a lab are more accurate and may pick up something that a test was done at home will not.


Exercising is a great way to speed up the process of removing toxins from the body through the means of sweating. While the kidneys do a good job of filtering the drugs out of your system, they are only able to work so fast. When you exercise you allow your pores to remove additional toxins thus speeding up the process of purifying your body.

Try doing aerobic activities such as running, hiking or dancing that cause you to sweat the most. Another thing to try is working out in a room that is warm but not hot enough to pose any health risks. Keep in mind that substances like THC hide in fat cells and that exercising within 48 hours of the test can do more harm than good.

Take a Diuretic

Diuretics rid the body of water through the process of urination, and the more you urinate, the more drug-ridden metabolites you remove from your body. There are natural diuretics you can drink such as cranberry juice or plain coffee. Along with the natural diuretics, there are also over the counter pills you can buy that are just as, if not more effective.

One famous one is Midol, which is normally used to reduce symptoms of PMS which includes bloating caused by the body retaining water. Midol is a good one to use as it is effective and many women already have it in their home. Many medications for high blood pressure have diuretic properties, so if you are on them already adding another diuretic to them could help flush your system even quicker.

Take Aspirin the Day of the Test

Some studies have shown that taking about four tablets a few hours before the test can give a false negative. While the 1.3g that are needed to skew the results won’t kill you or do too much damage, it can cause some unwanted side effects. These may include feeling dizzy, or lightheadedness so be careful when trying this method. Taking aspirin doesn’t work for everyone, and won’t work if you still have a lot of illicit substances left in your body so it isn’t recommended to rely solely on this method.